Dimensional and Stress Metrology for Bow and
Warp measurements on crystalline, thin film
materials, and minipanels.

New metrology for
X-ray mirrors (Video demo).

Quantum Efficiency (QE) Uniformity
measurements, using white light and color
scanner technology.

Glass Bow, Roller Wave, full Glass substrate
scalable metrology (0.5 m x 1 m, 2 m x 2 m, and
larger glass.
Interferometric Probe a Non Contact Wafer Thickness and Wafer Topo- and
Low Coherence Metrology for:
For Measurement videos on selected models please click here.
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ZebraOptical Optoprofiler
Wafer thickness measurement
Trench depth measurement
Membrane thickness measurement
Laser and LED application
MEMs tomography applications