Dimensional and Stress Metrology for Bow and Warp
measurements on crystalline, thin film materials, and

New metrology for
X-ray mirrors (Video demo).

We have developed a range from focus tool for roughness
measurement. Click here for details.

Quantum Efficiency (QE) Uniformity measurements, using
white light and color scanner technology.

Glass Bow, Roller Wave, full Glass substrate scalable
metrology (0.5 m x 1 m, 2 m x 2 m, and larger glass.
Interferometric Probe a Non Contact Wafer Thickness and Wafer Topo- and Tomography
Low Coherence Metrology for:
For Measurement videos on selected models please click here.
Please contact us for application notes at sales@zebraoptical.com
ZebraOptical Optoprofiler
Wafer thickness measurement
Trench depth measurement
Membrane thickness measurement
Laser and LED application
MEMs tomography applications