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Sunrise Optical LLC
5352 NW 93rd Terr
Sunrise FL 33351
Tel: 1 954 654 1734
Fax: 1 954 748 2302
Sunrise Optical LLC: Press Release 5/04/11
Liquid Drops and Splatters Forensic Measurements Using Portable Zebraoptical

Sunrise, Florida, May 4, 2011

Sunrise Optical LLC: Liquid samples including drops and splatters can easily be
measured using our new Portable Model P-1PORT Zebra OptoProfiler. Drops
and splatters can be measured on vertical, inclined or horizontal surfaces.

Please contact our sales department ( for a more
detailed application notes, and schedule tool demonstration.

The Portable Zebra OptoProfiler P-1PORT is capable of measuring topography
of small and medium size objects. The data collected by the Zebra OptoProfiler
be exported in raw point cloud format for display and analysis using popular
third party stress and design packages.

The same technology in scaled down version is offered for glass MEMs
substrates on standard hardware Zebraoptical Optoprofiler P-1 and P-2E
Product Features:
- Measures small and medium size objects  (scalable technology)
- Measures different type of materials, (please contact
for measurability of  your samples)
Product Availability:
Sample measurement service is available now (please contact for details). Lead-time for the tool in the basic
configuration is currently 4
to 8 weeks ARO.

About Sunrise Optical LLC

Sunrise Optical LLC is an optical metrology company located in Sunrise FL. It
specializes in design and manufacturing of spectroscopic and imaging systems for
three-dimensional image acquisition and development of new algorithms for
three-dimensional image processing. Sunrise Optical LLC is serving the
solar cell manufacturing and thin film metrology markets. More information on
Sunrise Optical LLC can be found on the company website